I had been studying almost non-stop. It is a while since I was asked to give a lecture and I didn’t want to stuff up.

I guess it is all about trust.

During the weeks preparing for the Krishnamurti 2 hr session I had an original plan, but every time I started pursuing it a tremendous headache stopped me in my tracks, couldn’t even read, leave alone do a Power Presentation.

So was  forced to drop the ‘precious plan’, and do very little writing, just soak myself in the subject and trust. Gave the talk last Friday, no–one said a word, just listened and at the end – big applause. Heard from several people (who weren’t even there!) how good it was, evidently they didn’t want to speak and interrupt the flow of my thoughts.


Now been asked to do a 20 minute TS radio interview about ‘K’ as well.

Learning to trust is a hard one, giving up all expectations, Krishnamurti called it “Dying to the known” which is the key to happiness. (No expectations – no disappointment but it’s much more than that). Aryel Sanat’s book “The Inner Life of Krishnamurti” is liiterally a revelation, a very important one, almost chilling in its implications, it hit me like a sudden icy nude shower one day.

Who the hell are we??? So much more than these mundane little lives would lead us to believe. Or not?

Food & Chemical Sensitivity - A Gift?

What is the gift in the present environmental challenge for us?

What do we relate to,  what do we deny? What pushes our buttons and why?

There is actually no lack upon this plane, it is just that world resources and consciousness are misdirected.

Is this a reflection of possible misdirection of our own resources, whether in terms of energy, time or money?

When I was extremely ill with environmental illness, I was advised that I rejected my own knowing and externalised this by rejecting the physical world, but,

That as I cleared my own body fluids. then so would the rivers and waters of the earth be cleansed.

That as my ability to find adequate sustenance improved so would available food for the world increase.

That as my own emotions were embraced so the nations of the world would embrace.

That as my feeling of need decreased so poverty would decrease.

That as my consciousness expanded so would the consciousness of the world.

Seeing I was diagnosed with ME/CFS and had severe food and  chemical sensitivity it seemed I had been handed a very heavy concept as a way of life.

But that indeed was the gift, the ensuing journey and response to the world around me, and I emphasise, the world around me, the immediate world, the situations and people that are so close we can almost trip over them.

The gift I can both give and receive is to consciously understand and direct my own energy resources.

What is the gift in this situation for you?

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