What is inheritance?  Just genes or the money we may, or may not get when someone dies?

A someone who has been a part of our lives, loved, tolerated, at times ignored or even hated?

Everyone brings or gives, an inheritance of some sort, some penetrating effect that make us who we are, the ripples are everlasting.

But is it about money? Of course not.

How about the tenderness of looking into your eyes and cradling you into my arms when helpless, young, ill or hurting?

How about when I walked the city or a country lane with you on my shoulders, your tired little legs dangling around my neck and tiny hands clutching my hair.

How about the meals cooked for you, the pleasure of the taste, repeated precisely the same so many times, because you enjoyed that particular taste?

How about the trips to the zoo and Cleland Park where you could feed the kangaroos and hold a koala? You played around and giggled as you dodged so close to the camera your laughing face filled the lens.

How about the grassy slopes you ran down and trees you jumped out of, perfectly sure we would catch you in our arms?

How about the times we shared when an unintentional remark reduced us all to helpless hysterics, tears flowing freely in a deeply shared and unforgettable moment?

How about school holidays when the videos you chose were loaned, watched in one day and returned next day to borrow some more.

How about the summer holidays, long trips in the car, walking through gorges, trying to catch frogs in the stream and after rain watching the flooding water as it raged past. The appreciation of nature in all its forms and beauty.

How about sailing up the Murray or swimming on the beach? Remember when you were little we held hands and ran along the thin edge of the broken wave? The sun warmed, captured sea pools you jumped in, the sand castles and the ball games.

How about birthday cakes with candles, sherry trifle, Christmas cake and freshly baked mince pies?

How about netball, hockey, soccer, volley ball, practice - and games: the phone calls - I forgot my, can you take, pick me up, yes, what, when, where? Kindy, school concerts and graduation ceremonies – how many were we pleased to attend?

How about the times when things were going wrong and we were all hurting? But it merged into a collective of past experience and learning.

What is the inheritance? The way you now choose to live your life, the love, tolerance, ability to listen, to cherish, to evaluate, and to do your best.

Money, you can get anywhere, but not the gift, the real gift, of nurturing life.

Saturday 4 March 2017  ©  Audrey Brimson

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