She sat there, chin in her hands, staring blindly out the window at the deepening dusk.  Not for her the golden hues of the treetops, swaying gently in the evening breeze as if they were bowing to the last few horizontal rays of the sun as it disappeared rapidly below the horizon.

            All she could see was his face, the love pouring from his eyes and the gentle smile as he looked at her from across the room.  When was that?  Yesterday?  Last year?  Five years ago?  Time meant nothing; the vision was as immediate now as it was then.

            Who was he?  Her twin soul?  Or at least something like that, whatever a twin soul might be.  All she knew was, it seemed like a significant part of herself was missing now.

            A glistening tear slowly wends its way down her cheek.  How much love can one encompass, she wondered, - of course the well of love can never be plumbed, stupid, not in him anyway.  He was different, did he even come from this earth; she doubted it.  No one else she had ever been in contact with had that much wisdom, or made you feel so complete.

            What was his name?  He said his name was not important, after all which lifetime would you choose, which personality.  Was the latest personality any better than the previous ones? Perhaps, if you consider evolvement to occur on linear time patterns, but who can prove that it does?  Certainly she couldn't prove or disprove it. What if you can jump in and out of the centuries only choosing each life time for the experience and learning it could provide, whether it was in a progressive linear time frame or not.  Where might he be now?

            The flash of car headlights as they sped up the road intermittently lit up her face, but they too made no impression on the thoughts that tumbled through her mind.  If you concentrate hard enough maybe you could contact someone, however far away they might be.  What was it that he said; your twin soul might be in the fifth dimension in another galaxy.  Can thoughts go that far?  Can the flutter of a butterfly's wings affect a distant star?

            Would they ever meet again, love attracts doesn't it, isn't that one of nature's immutable laws?  How could she doubt it?  Having experienced that love once then surely it has to come back.  Every action causes an equal and opposite reaction.  That is physics, it just has to be true.  Rain spattered on the window pane, each droplet becoming a golden star reflecting the street lamps which stood at attention guarding the houses until dawn.

            Her thoughts looking inward could see his face clearly in the mirror of her mind, her longing was overwhelming.  He didn't even say he was leaving.

            Unbidden, the tears welled up again to fill her eyes until they became deep pools of love, reflecting the love she saw in him.  But that was not it, it was not because he didn't say he was going to go, that was not it at all.  The problem was he didn't say when he would be back.


The visit of the Master. Audrey Brimson 18 August 1994. Published in The Golden Voice 1994

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