WHO AM I? Me or M.E?


Once upon a time, I am That.

I separated myself from myself in order that I could love myself

 And therein lies the problem, I rarely love myself.

This wondrous coagulation of matter that is me

That is She, for She is me.

 I long to be She but still know I am me.

I am ME the side dish I didn't order,

But the side dish is part of the MEAL

I am She who sees the beauty which surrounds me

And that which I see is She.

I am apart: no I am a part

I am the whole, the holographic whole

Each minute fraction is the totality

I want to be whole, holy whole: please God make it so

Even as I breathe and fill myself with life

I would merge with you

As I sustain this organised being

I would be at one with you

I know I am That, but I forget

Over-ridden with mundane shadows

I forget the reality, the brilliance, the love

The all-pervading I AM

Let me remain conscious, super conscious

Let me remain aware, super aware, let me be joy.

And as the being is lost in becoming

All consciousness is. I am That I am.


Audrey Brimson Written 11-11-88 when in the depths of M.E.


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